What is AS:VS?
AS:VS Films
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      Film student Evan Shandling's ground-breaking
documentary on the struggles faced everyday by
vampire control workers.
      Traveling to North Mississippi, Evan follows,
interviews, and goes on calls with workers from the At
Stake: Vampire Solutions company, who face life
threatening danger everyday while barely even making
minimum wage.
85 Minutets
Dark Comedy
Carl Pfeiffer, Jerry Kimble, Joshua Brunson,
Anastasia Gale, & Michael Goff
      Two and a half years after the events of the first film,
Evan Shandling uses the proceeds from the sale of his
film to purchase and reopen the AS:VS company.
      Face with a host of new problems however, Evan
struggles to keep the business afloat while keeping
himself and his team alive.
105 Minutets
Dark Comedy
David Hammons, Duane P. Craig,
Joshua Brunson, Ross Williams,
Courtland Le'Neill, Krystal Johnson,
Veronica Gray, Tiffany Doles, Jeryl Van Fossan,
and Anastasia Gale.