What is AS:VS?
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      Set in 2011, AS:VS tells the story of a small group of
vampire exterminators in the American South: the At
Stake: Vampire Solutions company.

      Told from the point of view of Evan Shandling, a
young film student creating a documentary on the
company, Evan interviews team members, goes on calls
with the team, and sheds light on the dangers faced
everyday by the AS:VS team as they struggle to stay
alive and keep the company afloat.

      Film Facts: AS:VS - At Stake: Vampire Solutions was
filmed in Memphis, TN and completed in 2012. AS:VS has
been shown at several film festivals across the U.S. and
is currently on sale online, in the
AS:VS Store.
      "AS:VS - Back in Business", the sequel to "AS:VS - At Stake: Vampire Solutions" takes place 2 & 1/2 years after the events
of Evan Shandling's documentary on the company. Using the proceeds from the sale of his film, Evan buys and reopens the
AS:VS company. Hiring new recruits, Evan sets out to continue protecting the community from the growing vampire threat. But
faced with a surprise government inspection threatening to shut down AS:VS, along with a deadly new strain of vampire, the
AS:VS company once again struggles to stay alive and in business.

      Film Facts: ASVS - Back in Business was also filmed in Memphis, TN and the surrounding areas. Primary photography was
completed in 2012, but due to problems in post the film was delayed. Additional scenes were added to the film in 2015, and the
film was released and is currently available in the
AS:VS store.