The decisions this year were tough and we had a lot of great films from all over the world and
local to Memphis, TN and the Mid-South, but the results are in. Here are the award winners for the
2017 Unreal Film Festival!
2017 Unreal Film Festival Award Winners
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Best Short Film -

Best Local Film -

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Best CG & Compositing -

Best Practical FX -

Best Wardrobe & Make-up -

Best Editing -
The Wanderers
Directed by Dragos Buliga

The Call of Charlie
Produced by John Malina

Gauntlet Run: Breach
Directed by Jyo "Six" Carolino

Nick Spooner
for the film "The Call of Charlie"

Nicholas Seaney
for the film "Dream Catcher"

Armand Asanti
for the film "The Wanderers"

Guy Benoit, John Simpson, Nick Spooner
for the film "The Call of Charlie"


The Basement FX
for the film "The Call of Charlie"


Mark Kenfield, Steven Robinson
for the film "2 AM"
      Thanks again to all the filmmakers who submitted films to us this year! We look forward to
seeing more of your work in the future! The submission season for the 2018 Unreal Film Festival
will open back up on January 1st, 2018.