Do you want a Taste? Well, we get a small "Taste" of this film. Claire, who is played by
Jessica James (produced and starred in), looks like your typical Housewife of Orange County. But
there is more to her than meets the eye. This short film feels like Stepford Wives meets "V"(the
television series).   Feels like this could pass as an Ira Levin novel or short story, with his style of

      Right from the beginning, something feels ominous. From the music, to the dead duck, and the
cheeky smile she gives from having the right ingredients for a dinner she is hosting, something
smells a foot. Claire and her husband “practice their lines”. Like anybody would do when their
friend is a celebrity and you want a chance to get your roll on too. She has dreams of having her
own cooking show. But her demons have other plans.

      The writers are Lauren Kincheloe, who also plays Coco, and Sam Littlefield, who plays Brian,
respectively. You might remember Sadie Alexandru on Mad Men. You might also remember Sam
Littlefield from The Messengers and The Leftovers.  Altogether, this is a well put together cast.
Seem like they have worked together before and if they haven’t, maybe they should in future short
films or shows.

      I feel like if they pitched this to a tv station, or to a streaming service, it would could get deeper
into the characters and also, deeper in to the mystic of the hold that is over Claire. That’s what
makes this so intriguing for us as viewers, and also it seems they enjoyed playing the characters.

       You can come see this film on Friday, September 22nd, at 7:35pm, At the 2017 Unreal Film
Fest, at the Malco Studio on the Square. Come get a lil’ ‘Taste’ of this film.
Film Fest Preview: Taste
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