From writer, director Angel Gomez Hernandez comes one of the creepiest short films I've seen
in quite a while.  It has the feel of The Conjuring movies all over it, and it does not disappoint.  
Starring Ruth Diaz as Carol, a paranoid and first time mother, Lone Fleming (of Amado De
Ossorio's legendary "Blind Dead" films) plays a curious older lady named, Leonor and in one of his
two roles in selected films to this year's fest, Javier Botet plays Samuel – he's the father of the child.

      The set up is quick, and it opens at a quite busy and well attended birthday party for a friend's
child.  Carol is already acting skittish and worried about something.  She gets a phone call from
Samuel threatening her per the child and making it worse, but then Leonor just appears and says
that she is drawn to Carol to warn her of the man standing behind her.  Carol is pushed full blown
paranoid from this, she grabs her infant and hastily tells her friend goodbye while bolting for home.

      At home with Carol is the bulk of the film and when the creep factor sets in more so.  Phone
calls from Leonor who pressed for her number to help and then from Samuel to further threaten,
they both send Carol into a state of fear.  The attempts to see and understand what's "behind" her
is creepy enough...but then Samuel arrives...and I won't ruin it further for you or anyone.  It needs
to be seen.

      I applaud the FX team of Victor Javier Bernardos, Cristina Asenjo and Lola Hernandez along
with the music of Oscar Araujo – combined on film under Angel Gomez Hernandez' direction, they
really do create a creepy, terrifying moment that delivers in classic horror film expertise.  I seriously
can't recommend seeing this one enough.  I also hope deeply that this team stays working together
because I would watch anything else they create.

Don't miss this one!

Screening Saturday, 9/23 at 3:30 PM at the Unreal Film Festival!
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