Blind People
a film by Jason Weter
David Hammons    Joshua Brunson    Monica Engesser

Blind People is about a man, Ray, who hates his life and will do anything to get back
to the one thing he thinks will make his life better; his ex-fiance, Jamie. To Ray,
Jamie represents the life he wants but is somehow unable to obtain. Blind People is
about those times in our life, when we're unable to see beyond our singular focus.  

Blind People shows the effects of someone not being able to see beyond the
singular focus of their problems. Beyond the character driven plot is a deeper
meaning though and an argument against a solution that many people choose to
solve their problems: suicide. Blind People shows the results of reducing life's
problems to their emotional end, instead of their logical end.

Jim Weter
David Hammons, Joshua Brunson, Monica Engesser,
Joseph Hastings, Anastasia Gale, Lauren Yates
90 mins.
Blind People
(Jim Weter) mixed in liberal amounts of Jean Paul Sartre and Albert Camus
into Ray’s transference of self-hatred onto his friends and loved ones.

“It argues against suicide as any kind of solution to problems,” Weter said. “I
tried to define suicide in the movie as Camus did when he said that it’s
following life’s problems to their emotional end, not their logical end.”
                                                                                Jonathan Devlin
Memphis Daily News
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