.        Founded by Jim Weter in 2005, Cellardoor Cinema began in Oxford, MS, producing narrative short and feature length films as well as recording live
performances by local musicians.  The group was mainly comprised of volunteer film and theater students willing to help out with the productions. Borrowing much of
the equipment from the University of Mississippi, Cellardoor Film made 2 feature length films: "Crimson Twins" & "33" and 4 short films: "The Breakup", "Revolving
Roommates", "The Note" & "Rose".

     Cellardoor Cinema then moved to Memphis, TN in 2008 and began working in documentary and commercial video production for national groups such as HGTV,
Nationwide Insurance, Autozone, Servicemaster, as well as many local businesses. In 2008, Writer/Director Jim Weter started production of Cellardoor Cinema's first
film after moving to Memphis, "Homecoming."
    Next, Cellardoor Cinema started working on it's first narrative feature film in Memphis,
"Blind People."  Starting pre-production on "Blind People" in the summer of 2009, a
general audition was held on June 15, 2009 at the Artisan Hotel in Memphis where more
than 100 local actors came to audition for parts in the film.  The parts for the film were
cast and production started in Oct. of 2009.  The production wasn't without it's share of
difficulties however, but through damaged sets and re-casting actors, "Blind People"
finished production in Mar. of 2010.  Post-production for the film lasted 6 months and was
finished in Sep. with a closed premier for cast and crew on Oct. 3rd, 2010.
     Also taking place in 2010 was the first annual Cellardoor Cinema Screenplay Contest,
held by Cellardoor Cinema with a grand prize of the finished film going into production by
Cellardoor Cinema at the end of the contest.  "At Stake: Vampire Solutions" (AS:VS)
written by Duane P. Craig won the 1st year's contest and was produced by Cellardoor
Cinema. AS:VS went on to show at numerous festivals around the U.S.

     2011 saw the production of the 2nd Screenplay Contest Winner "Letters to Camille"
by Liam Smith as well as the start of production on the sequel to AS:VS, "AS:VS - Back in
Business" which wrapped production in the spring of 2012 and was completed in 2013.
     In 2012, the Cellardoor Cinema Screenplay Contest was reorganized and became the Unreal Film Festival. A sci-fi, horror, and fantasy only film festival bringing in
genre films from all over the world to screen alongside many local films. The film festival was formed both to bring more films into Memphis that wouldn't normally
screen here, and to give local filmmakers a new venue in which to show their work.

     Since it's founding in 2012, the Unreal Film Festival has continued to grow and take on new partners and sponsors. The festival is currently held annually in the
fall each year at Malco's Studio on the Square in Memphis, TN.
     Getting back into filmmaking after the festival was off the ground, Cellardoor Cinema's next project became it's most ambitious to date. The feature length, sci-fi
drama "The Last Earth Girl", written by Stuart Creque became the next priority.